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The Adelphi

The Adelphi

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This amazing Victorian inn greets you as soon as you cross the river.

This amazing Victorian inn greets you as soon as you cross the river.

The Adelphi’s reputation precedes it. I knew about this place before I’d even moved to Leeds, and it’s obvious why. This brand of Victorian-inn-meets-deservingly-pretentious-gastropub is infectious.

The building is fantastic — four separate drinking rooms downstairs leading off from the bar area in different directions (all still with their original Victorian fittings), an upstairs area that’s decorated to look like someone’s living room, and a little beer garden at the back. Some of the rooms (including the whole upstairs) are often closed off for private events, so it can be a bit hit-and-miss whether there will be space for you, especially since it’s so popular.

The main bar area is at the foot of the stairs.

The main bar area is at the foot of the stairs.

The beer selection is excellent, and they know it. There’s even a “today, we will not be serving” blackboard, listing all the Greek Street classics. There are 6 cask ales (Leeds Pale plus carefully chosen guests) and 3 classic American keg beers (Brooklyn Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale and Blue Moon) as well as a handful of bottles, including a number of fruit beers. Beer is slightly on the expensive side, but worth it for the selection.

There's more of the bar hiding here in one of the rooms.

There’s more of the bar hiding here in one of the rooms.

There’s also a large menu of really good gastropub-style food, which is normally a bit pricy but if you visit on a Monday there’s a two-for-one deal on burgers, which is exceptionally good value. On Sunday they pull out all the stops for traditional roasts alongside their regular menu.

Tuesday is quiz night and there’s also comedy held irregularly upstairs. In the summer they lay out tables at the front to make a pavement café area to complement the wee back garden.

We really like it at The Adelphi, but so do lots of other people. If you can cope with the crowds, or you want to visit at a quiet time, this is a great place to get some excellent food and a good pint.

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3-5 Hunslet Road
Leeds LS10 1JQ
0113 245 6377


  1. One of the most atmospheric pubs in Leeds, refurbished around 2008, and unnecessarily refurbished and made worse in 2014. The bar area is still fabulous and there is a great sense of heritage and hints of the original atmosphere. Unfortunately while there is a decent beer selection, the best tap beers are frequently off, and the bar staff are sometimes impolite considering it is not a city centre place. The Sunday Lunch I had was absolutely abysmal considering I paid well over twelve pounds and barely got enough pork to cover a 50 pence piece. The crackling had the consistency of stucco someone had chiselled off a ceiling. Really not good. There is the potential for the best pub in Leeds, unfortunately it isn’t being run accordingly. Just arrogant, overpriced and that ruins the sense of pleasure of visiting.

  2. Excellent selection of beers, nice surroundings in an impressive building.
    Unfortunately on my visit the barmaid who served me seemed miserable and not quite with it. Maybe just a bad day?

  3. Been in a few times recently, staff still surly and unnecessarily rude, but pleased to say the food was okay, and I’ve noticed they’re getting creative with offers and events. It’s nice to see a pub proactively trying to pull people in. A few deals such as beer of the week, burger night, pub quiz etc always helps. And obviously, despite them ruining some of the period features, it’s still a nice place.

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