Reviewing every last watering hole in Leeds city centre

Lewis Cuddy

We are upholding our mission to review every drinking establishment, but otherwise supporting the boycott.

You probably found this page by clicking through from the warning on one of our reviews.

Lewis Cuddy is a Leeds entrepreneur who owns a handful of pubs and bars in the city centre.

He came to prominence during Leeds Pride 2012 when a homophobic Facebook post was leaked by one of his friends, in which he described LGBT people as “socially unable to be normal” and equated LGBT Pride with “peado [sic] pride”.

Since that time he has shown no reasonable remorse or understanding for why his post was so offensive. We find his original post to be offensive and his actions following it to be equally offensive.

This blog post by bristling badger goes into more detail about the incident, with the actual quotations so you can decide for yourself.

Since our mission is to review all the watering holes in the city centre, we are choosing to visit each of his venues just once and giving them a fair review that does not take into account their ownership (other than to post a warning and link to this page). Aside from this, we support the boycott.