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North Bar

North Bar

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This bar might be easy to miss. Keep an eye out for the three Belgian guys!

The cover page of North Bar’s website reads “We Love Beer,” and one simply need to step inside to know it’s true. This gem on the north side of the city centre looks like it could have been transported straight from Brussels, and has the stock to match. They promise around 150 varieties at any given time, with new beers always rotating through. Specialising in Belgian imports, North also has an impressive American selection, along with some from as far as Australia or as close as Kirkstall.

The bar staff are very knowledgeable and will be patient as you thumb through the drinks menu, which is pages and pages long. As their focus is imports, you could easily spend quite a lot of money here, but the prices are appropriate given the quality and variety, and not as high as some other venues in town offering similar specialties. They have a simple but enticing food menu, offering up pies, hot dogs, and cheese & meat platters.

The bar.

North also reaches out to spirit and cocktail drinkers, featuring a notable array of spirits, particularly whisk(e)ys, rum and gin. They’ve even created a few unique “beer cocktails,” where possibly the best of both worlds meet. (But you’ll have to try for yourself, as we haven’t ventured into this territory yet.) Simply put North Bar has a little something for everyone. While we wish it were a tad larger, even when it’s crowded it’s crowded with genuine lovers of beer, so there’s not much to complain about.

The glorious cellar.

This spot is always great just to drop in on, but it’s also worth checking their website for special events such as tastings, Beer v. Wine battles, and of course Oktoberfest. And be sure to have a wander to the toilets downstairs for a peek into the cellar — you’ll likely hear a faint echo of the “Hallelujah Chorus.” (Or maybe that was just me?)

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24 New Briggate
Leeds LS1 6ND
0113 242 4540


  1. Love the beer here, but dislike the size/noise/toilets. Been for lots of dates here and even got thrown out once. But it introduced me to some great beers.

    • What did you do to get thrown out?

  2. Review is overly generous. The prices are in some cases ridiculous and extortionate. eg. The business running Arcadia and Town Hall Tavern sold Oktoberfest beers this year for £4.50 vs North Bar/Alfred/Further Norths £6.00. This is one example of many. The staff are so supercilious at times when asked for advice, preference, and every inquiry as to price leads to a painful two minute wait. They also put up a photobooth which was ridiculous for a really tiny corridor bar. It deserves credit because of the excellent selection- above and beyond the generic craft beer scene and for a pleasant atmosphere. It really is better than every other bar, but that’s no excuse for the things that let it down.

  3. Great bar, friendly staff, fantastic atmosphere, has become a firm favourite of mine.


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