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360 Champagne & Cocktails

360 Champagne & Cocktails

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360. It's a circle. Get it?

360. It’s a circle. Get it?

360 is a chain of circular champagne bars that can be found in shopping centres all over the country, and now Leeds has its own as one of the permanent tenants of the new Trinity Kitchen.

There’s no denying the bar has a great selection of fizz and cocktails, with most cocktails on offer at around the £7 mark. Service is very friendly and quick — the circular shape ensures the staff can see everyone at once.

This side shot looks the same as the front. It's because it's a circle.

This side shot looks the same as the front. It’s because it’s a circle.

We are a beer blog and sadly 360 falls a bit flat here: your choices are Tiger, Asahi, Moretti, Heineken and Amigos, in the £3.50-4.50 range. Even one decent craft beer would have convinced us to have a beer instead of a sly prosecco.

There are no meals served here (you’re in a food court, so never mind!) but there are small snacks and pastries designed to accompany your drink, which is a nice touch.

Amazingly for a champagne bar in the middle of a food court, it’s always popular and we can see why. But it’s not the beer.

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Trinity Kitchen
Albion Street
Leeds LS1 5AT

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