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Baa Bar

Baa Bar

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Baa Bar.

This bar has nothing to do with sheep.

What once was Bourbon Bar turned into Baa Bar in November 2012, another arm of the franchise already popular in Manchester and Liverpool. Judging a book by its cover, it is not a place we should like. The vibe is cheesy disco lounge and the gimmick is multi-coloured shooters of every imaginable flavour, with names like Squashed Frog, Pinky Winky and Baa Woo Woo. And can you order all 28 of them on a tiered tray called a Shooter Cake? You betcha. Their website proudly touts the prominence of E numbers here and scoffs at the idea of “locally sourced.”

There's a lot of pink here.

There’s a lot of pink here.

But…. BUT. The beer here is actually much better than you might expect for a place that’s so unapologetically silly. They’ve got Goose Island (312 and IPA), Dead Pony Club, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada Pale and Vedett in the fridge, plus Brooklyn Lager on tap. Plenty to keep us happy while the hen do at the next table slurps down their Rampan Rabbits and Baa Twists.

Against my instincts, I can’t help but love you, Baa Bar!

The staff are really friendly and the place definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a nice come-as-you-are feeling, which is often rare in these types of chain clubs.

They've got you covered.

They’ve got you covered.

Situated right between Millennium Square and the O2 Academy, it will be a popular pre- or post-gig spot and with floor-to-ceiling windows it offers a lovely chilled atmosphere during daylight hours. So there’s enough to keep us coming back here when we’re in the vicinity. Plus you can get hair gel in the toilet vending machines. Yup. Hair gel.

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43-51 Cookridge Street
Leeds LS2 3AW
0113 244 4213

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  1. I have fond memories of Bourbon, but I will definitely go check this place out! Nice to hear that they’re friendly and welcoming and such.

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