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Clever name for Leeds Bridge's closest bar.

Clever name for Leeds Bridge’s closest bar.

Bridge is one of the oldest LGBT bars in Leeds and is very easy to find on the corner of Call Lane and Leeds Bridge. It’s pretty tiny inside — smaller even than we’d expected from the outside — but they’ve managed to pack a lot into it.

The main attraction here is the events, with club nights, karaoke, drag & burlesque shows and even (believe it or not) Sunday roasts every week. There are also arcade and fruit machines and access to wifi thanks to the Leodis box outside.

My only shot of the inside. You get the idea.

My only shot of the inside. You get the idea.

The beer selection here is awful. Fosters, John Smith’s, Murphy’s and Kronenbourg on tap and Sol, Desperados and Heineken in bottles. The cider selection is better, with something called Old Mout in bottles. And there’s all the WKD etc. And once again we’re left wondering why Leeds thinks there is not a market for an LGBT bar that serves decent beer.

On the weekends the Leeds LGBT scene is stretched to its limits and all the bars are packed out, including Bridge. And perhaps for this reason it’s kind of let itself go. It’s friendly but shabby, and we’re unlikely to come back unless we want to catch one of the events here.

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1-5 Bridge End
Leeds LS1 7HG
0113 258 7339


  1. Hello,

    Just a point, that cider you refer to is called “old mout”. It’s a New Zealand cider, very nice.

    • Thanks for the correction!

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