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Sadly, this bar has now closed down.

Cuvée is set in stunning surroundings.

LBQ is a beer blog, so we had very low expectations on visiting Granary Wharf’s new champagne & cocktail bar; we half-expected it to have no beer at all.

Instead we found a small but excellent selection of bottled beers from around the world, including several Goose Island varieties, Flying Dog, Brooklyn, Asahi and Schneider Weiße. The menu of drinks can be browsed on dedicated iPads; a thoroughly pretentious but nonetheless impressive and fun touch!

The bar area. Bottles of everything.

[Special shout out for the single malt selection here! I spotted one from each of my three favourite distilleries (Springbank, Bowmore, Ardbeg) behind the bar.]

The location is great, just where the Granary Wharf basin joins the Aire with lots of outdoor space for summer drinking and the bar itself is mostly glass, giving it a very open feel. The décor is odd and 70s-like, with velvet chairs, wood panelling and green glass chandeliers. The feel is very much like the bar in an upmarket hotel: pleasant but inoffensive.

The iPad menu. Emily was captivated!

There’s a food menu offering pricy sandwiches and bar snacks, and a drink pairing for everything (including the yoghurt-coated raisins; apparently they go well with a very expensive rum!) It also looks like they’re introducing a membership discount soon for people who go often, and I hear there’s a happy hour every day.

Bottles. And chandeliers. But of course!

We’re not going to rush back to Cuvée, because it’s just not the kind of place we’d usually frequent. But it actually does a very good job at being what it intends to be. If you’re after a champagne or wine bar, it’s probably right up your street. If you want a nice beer, there are just too many other places nearby.

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Waterman’s Place
Granary Wharf
Leeds LS1 4GL
0113 318 2808

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