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Dock 29

Dock 29

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Remember when this was an All Saints shop?

Remember when this was an All Saints shop?

Leeds Dock has always been a bit of an embarrassment for Leeds but now with the arrival of Sky TV, we might be seeing the beginning of something like Salford’s MediaCity on this side of the Pennines. And the first bar on the scene is Dock 29.

This picture doesn't do the environment justice.

This picture doesn’t do the environment justice.

As it’s currently the only café or bar in the whole complex, Dock 29 is trying to be a bit of everything to everyone. There’s coffee and weekend all-day brunch. There’s a function area with a huge screen. There’s a rotating menu of guest chefs serving food from 12-7 every day. There are roast dinners on Sundays. One touch I really liked is iced tap water available to everyone without needing to queue at the bar.

Yes, that's an aeroplane! On the ceiling!

Yes, that’s an aeroplane! On the ceiling!

The space is really huge and decorated beautifully with all kinds of mismatched furniture, handpainted classic adverts on the walls, strings of coloured lights everywhere and the centerpiece: an entire aeroplane suspended from the ceiling along with a selection of flying suitcases. It’s really a very impressive environment and feels genuinely artistic rather than swanky and showoffy.

Want to show off your PowerPoint in a bar? Dock 29 has you covered.

Want to show off your PowerPoint in a bar? Dock 29 has you covered.

We’re here for the beer, though, and here it’s a bit disappointing. There are two bottles from Curious, Er Boqueron, Stevens Point Amber Lager and a Brazilian lager, all being sold at pretty high prices. (The Stevens Point was £5.10 a bottle!)

This is one of those places we’ll probably find ourselves back in all the time. Apart from the beer selection it’s exactly our kind of bar: loads of amenities in a huge and very chilled-out environment. Dock 29 is just what Leeds Dock needs right now!

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Dock 29
The Boulevard
Leeds Dock LS10 1PZ
0113 322 6377

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