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Hoagys Bar

Hoagys Bar

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Sadly, this bar has now closed down.
Hoagys occupies the end of this Eastgate terrace.

Hoagys occupies the end of this Eastgate terrace.

We promised to review every pub and bar in central Leeds, and sometimes that means visiting places like Hoagys Bar.

Once we’d battled our way through the smokers blocking every doorway, we found ourselves in the main bar with several of the patrons staring right at us. You see, it’s a feature of this pub that some of the many many TVs showing sports are positioned directly above the entrance, presumably so regulars can screen the pub’s visitors.

The place is vast and also very popular. Many of the customers were in sports attire and some of them had clearly been there drinking all day. As we were ordering our drinks, someone was carried back to his seat by one of the bar staff.

Quick! Get a photo! Oh, that man is staring at me.

Quick! Get a photo! Oh, that man is staring at me.

There’s a lot going on in this pub, and it’s definitely working hard to keep its target customers. As well as the main focus on sports, there’s a large menu of mediocre chain-pub food (Emily would like me to point out that they serve criss-cross fries!) and they have a quiz, a pool tournament, a poker tournament and a disco every week. There are also very occasional music gigs.

The beer selection could have been worse. They have Black Sheep on cask, and Cobra, Newcastle Brown, John Smith’s keg and Guinness.

We will not be back to Hoagys. Even the long list of amenities including the criss-cross fries will not convince us to return, and I don’t think we’ll be missed by the staff or the regulars.

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46 Eastgate
Leeds LS2 7JL
0113 243 9351

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