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The outside should be familiar to any Call Lane-dwellers.

The outside should be familiar to any Call Lane-dwellers.

Milo is one of the most famous indie music hangouts in Leeds. Upstairs is a live music venue and club with events several times a week, and downstairs is a small bar that’s open every night.

The focus here is the music and you can expect a good mix of classics and quality contemporary indie: always welcome with 6music listeners like me. The décor here is modern and arty with a very impressive mural along one wall. There are a few booths but you can expect the bar area to get very packed very easily.

Lots of drinks at this bar!

Lots of drinks at this bar!

There’s a very wide selection of bottled beers, although they’re almost all from the major players: Brooklyn, Goose Island, Sierra Nevada, Anchor, Leeds, Camden and the like. There’s also a good range of spirits and cocktails if that’s your bag.

We found Milo very welcoming and with the music and beer selection it’s obvious why this place has achieved the status it has. We might find ourselves here often, especially when we’re in the mood for a dance!

Note: Milo is no longer owned by Lewis Cuddy, so if you’re boycotting his establishments, Milo is OK!

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10-12 Call Lane
Leeds LS1 6DN
0113 345 0800

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