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Norman Bar

Norman Bar

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Walking by on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday? You can't come in.

Walking by on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? Closed.

This review is likely to be pretty short. Norman is pretty middle-of-the-road as far as Leeds Beer Quest is concerned. It’s taken us so long to get around to reviewing it partly because it’s only open Thursday through Saturday and partly because we’ve never been that excited about visiting.

The bar area. It's still early so it's not too crowded yet.

The bar area. It’s still early so it’s not too crowded yet.

They’ve got a handful of good beers (Flying Dog, Timmerman’s, Brooklyn and DHB on tap, plus Goose Island, Sierra Nevada and Duvel in bottles). Prices are pretty much what you expect on Call Lane (read: not great, but could be worse), and the atmosphere is just ho-hum.

Those lights are cutting some cool shapes on the ceiling.

Those lights are cutting some cool shapes on the ceiling.

It’s very safe to say that Norman’s target audience ain’t us. It’s a sleek club/meat market, complete with a VIP area inside and a velvet rope outside. They’re good at what they do, but it’s just not what we’re looking for.



We do, however, love the punnage of “Funk and Disorderly,” their Saturday club night. But as we can enjoy punnage from afar, that’s probably what we’ll be doing.

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36 Call Lane
Leeds LS1 6DT
0872 080 8000

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