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Sadly, this bar has now closed down.

Great building on Mill Hill. Emily looks bored as I try to get a decent shot.

There’s no denying that Spencer’s exists to support the United crowds on match day. If you were in any doubt, the stick-on etchings of the LUFC badge in every window should confirm it. Prejudiced as we are against sports pubs, we went in with very low expectations.

Inside is an interesting gestalt atmosphere, like someone has thrown a load of pubs together into room and seen what sticks. The bar is a round Victorian effort, but the decoration is bland-generic-pub with tables and chairs retrieved from everywhere, including some cast-iron garden furniture. There are 3 televisions (showing sports and news), a generic pub arcade game and one of those internet-enabled jukeboxes I love so much.

Some examples of the “found furniture” motif.

The staff are friendly and the place is pretty quiet when there’s no match in sight, although I’m sure it would be horrendous on match day. The beer selection is what you’d expect: euro-lagers, John’s and Tetley’s on keg. Surprisingly, there are bottles of Tiger in the fridge, so it’s not the worst possible. Prices are also pretty good.

Sounds OK? Well, as long as you stay away from the toilets. I am not exaggerating when I say these toilets are the worst pub toilets I have ever seen in my life. I won’t go into much detail except to say this: the toilet brush pictured here (warning: grim) is more mush than brush.

Spencer’s was not as bad as we thought it was going to be, but the beer was dreadful and the toilets were worse. One to avoid.

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Mill Hill
Leeds LS1 5DQ
0113 243 9070


  1. Oh, gawdy god, Rich, was it ABSOLUTELY necessary to link a picture of the loo brush? lol

    • Spencer’s is no more- now ‘The Head of Steam’, a Huddersfield chain I understand, with, among other things, La Chouffe on tap? The old regulars will be very confused!

      “There’s no denying that Spencer’s exists…”

      Au contraire!

      • Thanks for the reminder to mark this as closed! The Head of Steam will be reviewed in due course.

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