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Peachy Keens

Peachy Keens

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This bar has changed name since we reviewed it. It was called Spice Bar at the time.
The bar's entrance and beer garden in The Electric Press courtyard.

The bar’s entrance and beer garden in The Electric Press courtyard.

Spice Bar is probably the least well known bar in The Electric Press. It belongs to the Spice Quarter buffet upstairs, but maintains an identity of its own as a kind of classy cocktail lounge.

The first thing we noticed is that it’s really dark in here! The walls are black and the lights are low. There are sofas and throw pillows everywhere. The theme seems to be part Indian boudoir and part speakeasy. Thankfully they also have lots of space in the well lit courtyard so we sat out there.

This is what it looks like inside. A very dark appearance indeed!

This is what it looks like inside. A very dark appearance indeed!

The specialism here is cocktails and they have some cheap deals (Sun-Thu, Fri before 9pm). The beer selection isn’t terrible but it’s pretty much all lagers. They have Heineken and Cobra on tap and Viru (Estonian beer), Singha, Tiger, Moretti and Old Speckled Hen in bottles. Beers were reasonably priced (we paid ÂŁ3). There are also bar snacks served here if you are not hungry enough for the buffet upstairs.

The courtyard is very nice when it's quiet.

The courtyard is very nice when it’s quiet.

There are a lot of events on at Spice Bar. They have belly dancing on Thursdays, a DJ on Fridays and bhangra on Saturdays. There was a dance class happening on Monday when we went; we would have found out more but the bartender didn’t seem up for chatting.

Unless you’re after one of the events or you’re desperate for Estonian beer, there’s probably not a lot to recommend Spice Bar over other places in The Electric Press.

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The Electric Press
Great George Street
Leeds LS2 3AD
0113 246 9241


  1. I quite like Viru! It was the one redeeming factor of the Revolution bar in the same building, but the last time I wandered in there it was gone. So, uh, I may go to Spice Quarter for my sweet sweet Baltic fix.

  2. I visited this place on a Thursday evening, around 10pm. They had a belly dancer and a guy playing drums with his hands. The atmosphere was good, and the cocktail I had was mega-yummy. But not a lot going on beer-wise, which I guess is the main focus of a site named 🙂

  3. I went to this bar for the first time. Was quite good as I like Bollywood music. But I heard a guy who looked like was taking care of the bar was talking to his friend and using racist word to say how pissed off he was with one of the staffs. Don’t think I will go back again

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