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Fab Cafe

Fab Cafe

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Sadly, this bar has now closed down.

Yes, the door is in the side of Morrisons.

Fab Cafe is a cult TV/movie theme bar – the twin sibling of its namesake in Manchester. The walls and various glass cabinets are crammed full of memorabilia, and it’s a venue for many comic/TV/movie meetups and events. They even have a full-scale replica of the Alien Xenomorph and a life-size Darth Maul statue.

See that real ale tap on the far right? Not real at all.

The venue is really large, and includes a small dance floor with a DJ (in a sci-fi control module). Also dotted around the place are various classic and modern arcade games, including a great 2-player Star Wars shooter for 50p a go.

The dancefloor and some of the arcade machines.

The atmosphere is really what this place has going for it, because you’re not going to find good beer or food of any description (apart from some retro sweets) here. Your best beers are the likes of Staropramen and Newcastle Brown. There is a suspicious real ale tap but it looks like it’s almost just for decoration or special occasions. The drinks prices are certainly good, especially if you’re drinking spirits rather than beer.

The Fab Cafe would be a good place to go with a large group for a party but it’s definitely not a casual drinking place.

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46 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds LS2 8PL
0113 244 9009

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