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Henry’s Café Bar

Henry’s Café Bar

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Sadly, this bar has now closed down.

What an inviting exterior!

Henry’s is the uncool cousin of the other Greek Street bars. It seems to be doing a very good job of impersonating the kind of bar you’d find in a characterless hotel such as a Holiday Inn. The décor is very clean (apart from the inevitable manky carpet) but totally bland and uninspiring. Like everywhere else on this street, the bar is vast inside with lots of sitting and standing space. We’re not exactly Greek Street experts, but in passing it looks like it’s got space to stand even when the others are like sardine tins.

Signs in the windows say they are proud of their real ales and they have 20% off for Camra members. They even have a Cask Marque certificate. Well, great… except they only have one ale on (Black Sheep). The rest of the beers are your usual Tetley’s, Guinness, Heineken, Carlsberg, Becks, Peroni and Stella. They do have Tiger and Estrella in the fridge as minor saving graces, and there’s a large cocktail menu if you’re into that sort of thing (about £6).

Some of the hotel-like décor near the bar.

The prices here are pretty middle of the road and they have a reasonably priced food menu, although we visited for lunch and the food was really not very nice. Other amenities are what you’d expect from this sort of place, including a few sofas and a really tiny beer garden out the front.

Henry’s all-in-all was nothing much of any interest to us, but certainly wasn’t the most revolting place we’ve seen. I have a premonition that there will be worse to come on this street…

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10 Greek Street
Leeds LS1 5RU
0113 245 9424

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