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Manjit’s Kitchen

Manjit’s Kitchen

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Mobile no more: Manjit's settles into a corner of the market.

Manjit’s Kitchen corners the market. 

If you didn’t know that Kirkgate Market has a new food hall and events space, we wouldn’t blame you. There hasn’t been much noise about it since it opened in June, and you have to sift through the news section of the Market’s website to see anything about it.

Three-course thali? Yes, please!

Three-course thali? Yes, please!

So let us be the first to tell you: Kirkgate Market has a new food hall and events space. The southeast corner has been completely refurbished to create a space for exhibitions, performances and a permanent home for food traders.

Not a bad shout for a market food trader.

Not a bad shout for a market food trader.

Among them is Manjit’s, a long-established Indian street food cart, whose food and friendly service are without equal. And because they’ve taken the time to stock an impressive selection of beers to quench the thirst of market shoppers, they rate a visit from us.

Sensibly sharing a bottle, since we're both on our lunch break.

Sensibly sharing a bottle, since we’re both on our lunch break.

There are about ten bottles to choose from — a healthy dose of Yorkshire favourites such as Saltaire Blonde, Leeds Monsoon IPA, North’s Herzog and Ilkley Pale, plus some further-afield selections like Brooklyn Lager, Sierra Nevada and Brewdog Punk IPA. They’ll also serve you a Kingfisher if you prefer an Indian lager to wash down your chaat. With everything being under £4, our pockets stayed happy, too.


Find an open seat and maybe make some new friends.

The space is quite open and friendly, with picnic tables dotted around that people share, no matter where they’ve decided to procure food from. And depending on what’s on, you might get treated to some live music or some other performance.

Manjit’s is open until 5pm Monday through Saturday. Nightspot it’s not, but if you’re looking for an affordable quick lunch and a cold beer while you catch your breath from a city centre shopping trip, there’s no better place.




Leeds Market
28-34 George St
Leeds LS2 7HY
0113 216 1089

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