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Revolution — Call Lane

Revolution — Call Lane

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Join the revolution by coming to a bland chain bar!

Join the revolution by coming to a bland chain bar!

This Revolution is one of two in Leeds city centre. We reviewed the other one about a year ago and really didn’t like it. But how does its Call Lane sibling stack up?


Welcome to the bar. Exciting, yeah?

The environment here is pretty bland and chainy, although it’s pleasant enough by Call Lane standards. There’s a beer garden at the back facing Queens Court, and upstairs there’s a separate function room with a rum bar cleverly called Revolución de Cuba. We didn’t get to go in there but I imagine it’s much of the same with a few Latin stereotypes thrown in.

It's a beer garden. Yay.

It’s a beer garden. Yay.

Beer-wise there are a handful of OK ones: Brooklyn, Vedett, Leffe, Chimay (the menu doesn’t say which one, helpfully) and some world lagers, including Estrella and San Miguel on tap. Woo. The pull here is their legendary flavoured vodkas and some crazy cocktails made with them. Not really for us, but great for the Call Lane crowd, I guess.

What lies behind these doors? We'll never know: it's a private party.

What lies behind these doors? We’ll never know: it’s a private party.

Price-wise it’s not cheap, but pretty middle-of-the-road for this part of town. There’s also a decent bar menu of the usual burgers, pizzas etc.

Fans of LBQ know I don’t like writing short reviews, but I’ve simply run out of things to say about Revolution. Nothing offensive here but nothing at all to bring us back. Next!

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48 Call Lane
Leeds LS1 6DT
0113 243 2778

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