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The Horse & Trumpet

The Horse & Trumpet

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Those amazing old lanterns are the most interesting thing about this pub.

Those amazing old lanterns are the most interesting thing about this pub.

The Horse & Trumpet is another Headrow pub we’ve never considered going in before. We were surprised to see that it’s one of the recommended nightspots in The Rough Guide to Yorkshire so we were intrigued.

Well, if you were a tourist visiting Leeds from some far-flung reach, you might stand out a bit. The Horse & Trumpet is a chain pub and it is incredibly popular with locals, especially the after-work and after-shopping crowd. We visited at 6pm on a Tuesday and it was absolutely heaving; very close to standing room only.

There are 7 cask ales, which are well kept. When we visited this included beers from Greene King, Ossett, Two Roses, Timothy Taylor, Copper Dragon, Tetley and Thwaites. Cask ale is all you get here, with only mass-produced junk as other options. The prices are very reasonable indeed and I suspect this contributes to its popularity.



Other than the beer, this is your standard chain pub. There’s live sports, a full (boring) menu, traditional décor with pictures of beer-related history, an internet jukebox (love those things!) and some fruit machines. The staff are friendly and good at their jobs and everything is clean and well maintained (which seems to be a rarity on the Headrow).

We found nothing to dislike about the Horse, but we won’t be back. If we’re looking for a chain pub it’s not a patch on a Wetherspoon’s, and if we’re looking for the atmosphere of a traditional pub we’d be much more likely to pick somewhere independent and a bit more interesting, like The Pack Horse.

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51-53 The Headrow
Leeds LS1 6LR
0113 243 0338

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  1. That comment of not go in there again is rubbish he may be a snob this pub is and always has been since I first went in in 1966a pub yes a pub of hard working people from all walks of life great pub great punters remarks that were made are people who call in a pub for a half before stilling back there little no atmosphere wine bars 😂😂🍺🍺

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