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The Liquorist

The Liquorist

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The Living Room was pretty forgettable. The space has now been rebranded by Stonegate Pubs into The Liquorist.  The layout remains largely the same, but with a bit more light and some big-ass chairs! There are still a number of rooms and it will appeal to big crowds wandering up Greek Street on a weekend night out.


One of many rooms. All perfectly pleasant, if a little boring.

As is becoming more and more the norm, The Liquorist stocks a handful of nice, but common, craft bottles, such as Flying Dog, Meantime, BrewDog, Harviestoun and Bellerose. They’ve got Abbot on cask but nothing else to speak of. Unfortunately the prices are a lot higher than you’ll see elsewhere. £5.20 for a Punk IPA but even worse is £4.25 for a Desperados! What?


Big-ass chair.

There are some deals on food if you come at the right time, and a wide range of cocktails to choose from. But for us there’s nothing to bring us back here. So while an improvement to its predecessor, it’s not really any less forgettable.

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5-7 Greek Street
Leeds LS1 5RW
0113 380 0930

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  1. Thanks for your review. We are sorry that we do not appeal to the beer lover, but with our wide rang of cocktails available, we end up appealing to Cocktail lovers who like to try different tastes. We have a lot of deals on our Cocktails during the week which definitely keeps our customers happy, and that is okay with us!

    We also receive great feedback for the food we sell here, so if you ever wanted to join us for some food in our restaurant you are more than welcome! 🙂



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