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Toast Bar + Bistro

Toast Bar + Bistro

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When it’s not so wet, this is the beer garden.

One of two bars in the West Point complex, Toast markets itself as a venue to watch the footy or bring a crowd for happy hour. Obviously aimed at the area’s office workers, it’s typically jammed at lunchtime and directly after work. The beer offerings are just ok, with one hand-pulled ale (Leeds Pale), the rarely seen Bass (from an electric tap), and a couple of Ilkley Brewery ales in bottles. Bottled lagers include Singha and Peroni Gran Riserva. Special note should also be given to their choice of single malts, if that tickles your fancy.

The pricy Bloody Mary.

Toast’s focus is instead cocktails, and I must say I enjoyed a delicious Bloody Mary. (Though I would certainly expect it to be delicious for £6.50!) So while the choice of drinks isn’t bad, the atmosphere is not good enough to keep us coming back very often. The décor is reminiscent of how someone would try to make a dentist’s office seem trendy and chic, with inoffensive plain art covering the burnt orange walls. They also feature one large flat screen and one even larger projector screen broadcasting football matches. One upside is outdoor seating, but even there you’re stuck staring at the building site across the street.

The bar area.

We haven’t tried their food, but they do offer a full menu for lunch or dinner, including snack platters as well as all-day breakfast on the weekends. So while Toast isn’t ever going to be our go-to local, it’s a good place to head if you have money to spend on spirits and are looking for a place to catch the match.

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West Point
Wellington Street
Leeds LS1 4JY
0113 243 9546

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