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Tyke sits at the bottom of the Gateway complex. It's certainly a gateway to something....

Tyke sits at the bottom of the Gateway complex. It’s certainly a gateway to something….

In the more than fifty places we have visited during this quest, we have so often found ourselves sitting somewhere thinking, “you know what would make this charming spot even better? If there were a big TV showing football right at our table!”

Can I pour you a pint of sports? How about a mixed sports cocktail?

Can I pour you a pint of sports? How about a mixed sports cocktail?

OK, it’s fair enough — Tyke is billed as a sports bar and they certainly do have sports! In addition to the individual screens at the booths, there are giant televisions on every wall, so you can’t avoid watching the sports even if you tried. And while we were surprised that they had any real ales at all (three, from Little Valley and Bridgehouse breweries), they were all less than spectacular and not served properly. Otherwise they have Tiger and Peroni in the fridge and Sagres and John Smith from a keg.

TVs right at the table — an inspired idea.

TVs right at the tables — an inspired idea. (And they make for a very poorly lit picture!)

The decor they’re going for seems to be late 20th-century sleazy airport lounge. The grim lighting and the superfluous purple suede made me feel like I should get an STI test after we left. They are high up there when it comes to amenities — food, free wifi, coffee, and did we mention the sports? But they’re certainly not enough to make it worth a trek here if you don’t live in Gateway or aren’t staying at the Ibis Budget. And even then, you’d still be better off walking down the street to The Palace.

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Gateway North
Crown Point Road
Leeds LS9 8BZ


  1. Great bar with great atmosphere, staff friendly and more than willing to help. I’m sure if the woman who posted the earlier comment asked for songs of praise on one of the many TV’s the staff would have obliged. Perhaps she was correct and she should stick to the palace with the rest of the pensioners.

    Tyke is lively place when a match is on or a weekend. Food is decent too.

  2. Tyke Bar is the only bar in Leeds that doesn’t judge.
    They welcome people from all walks of life.
    The drinks are reasonably priced and the food is fantastic.
    The staff are friendly and knowledgeable!
    They show many sporting events throughout the week and on weekends and also tie events in with the sport.
    I was in recently and there was a Guinness promotion which was fantastic and the atmosphere was great.
    I would like to clarify that I have never have an STD from any of the seating at Tyke Bar.
    Also, given the option, I would choose Tyke Bar over The Palace every time.
    Maybe the reviewer prefers the duller pub/bar.

  3. I went in here when it was called ‘Suburban’, merely an adjunct bar to the hotel. Since becoming Tyke (or rather draping a plastic sign over the front with Bobby Moore on- that Tyke?!?) it’s aggressively courted the lowest common denominator crowd. Worse than that, it just doesn’t keep or serve beer properly. I laughed reading the comments above. The only bar in Leeds that doesn’t judge? I sat in on my own one day to watch the cricket and within ten minutes a group of lads came over and started making pointed comments all designed to make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Judging is done by the people who walk through the door, and Tyke is the same as every other in that respect.

    I wouldn’t describe it as boring exactly but then not being boring isn’t automatically a good thing.

    I’m not a snob but if you want a good beer go to the Palace, if you can’t find your way to PIN, 2 minutes up the road, then watch the sport at Tyke.

  4. A bit confused as to why Bobby Moore is next to the word Tyke (A Tyke is a Yorkshire person)Bobby Moore is a southerner??

  5. I’m being a total snob and saying this side of town is for slumming it, i mean all the people from the Scotsman have to drink some where right?:)

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