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Wheear 'ast tha bin?

Wheear ‘ast tha bin?

Former patrons of the Prince of Wales would not recognise this new incarnation. The owners of Baht’ap have done a complete overhaul inside which makes for a pleasant — if a bit dull — atmosphere.


People are on message. Not a ‘at in sight.

We were encouraged by them marketing themselves, at least in part, as a craft and cask beer place. We found five casks from Theakston’s, Saltaire, Roosters, Ossett and Black Sheep (all Yorkshire, true to the bar’s name), as well as Sam Adams, two Meantimes and Guinness Porter on keg. A few crafts like Point, Dogfish Head and Lagunitas make up a decent but not-hard-to-find bottle selection.

A tiny beer garden. Just enough space to do some cosy cooartin' of Mary Jane.

A tiny beer garden. Just enough space to do some cosy cooartin’ of Mary Jane.

Food seems to be part of the long-term plan as the space has a full kitchen, and the website describes food as “coming soon.”


Still no ‘ats. Tha’s all bahn’ to catch thy deeath o’ cowd.

Baht’ap was very busy on the the Saturday afternoon we visited, full of people either finishing their Leeds shopping or getting ready for a night out. The place has the right ingredients, but something about the execution just didn’t add up for us. Spending £9.15 for two bottles probably didn’t help.

It feels like Baht’ap is trying to peddle the middle of the road and be a pub for all seasons. They succeed in that, but don’t offer anything that would draw us back in. We couldn’t really spot any selling points you wouldn’t find at a Wetherspoon’s, but at twice the price.

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11 Mill Hill
Leeds LS1 5DQ
0113 245 6540

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  1. Slightly harsh by my reckoning. The prices are equivalent to all nearby pubs but it feels like an independent place, not a chain. Also, in my opinion the one thing they have got wrong is the name and styling. The venue is spoilt by the dull branding and getting rid of the traditional pub styling. The layout inside is as trad as you can get so why not build on that rather than being something you aren’t?

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