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Keep an eye out for the blackboard and then head down the stairs.

Keep an eye out for the blackboard and then head down the stairs.

Occupying the space previously held by the ill-fated Parkers, Burgundy is a combination bar and French bistro that’s trying to catch the working population of Leeds for breakfast, lunch and post-work drinks.

Although the layout hasn’t changed much from its previous incarnation, Burgundy definitely doesn’t let you forget it’s a French place, with flags, maps and other Gallic paraphernalia in every available space. It certainly feels the part too.

Those two lights are cramping our photo's style.

Those two lights are cramping our photo’s style.

Normally you could expect French places to concentrate on wine and have a generally poor beer showing. Burgundy is different, with a pretty extensive beer selection including 3 Belgians on tap, and several craft beers in bottles from Belgium, America, and (*shock*) France! Who knew there even was a craft brewing scene in France?

We guessed that Park Place must be a very expensive place to be, and this is reflected in the beer prices, which are £4-6 a bottle.

Avons-nous mentionné qu'il est français?

Avons-nous mentionné qu’il est français?

Food is on offer, with a breakfast buffet, full bistro menu at lunchtime and a wide selection of bar snacks (including, of course, cheese) all day and evening.

This bar doesn’t have a niche (unless being French is a niche, because it’s got that covered) but it is trying to be an all-things bar for business types, like Atlas around the corner, and that might be just right for this area. I hope it does well, because this part of town really needs more decent bars!

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12 Park Place
Leeds LS1 2RU
0113 245 0703

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