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Oracle: It's much better on the outside than on the inside.

Oracle: It’s much better on the outside than on the inside.

Spoiler alert: I hate this place.

I’d never been to Oracle before, but admit I found the building and its prominent location in Brewery Wharf compelling. The second we walked through the doors, however, it was clear this is not our sort of place. It’s obviously trying to be very cool, and its website describes it as “an oasis for the more discerning customer looking for an alternative from Greek Street and Call Lane.” Indeed. There are fake velvet ropes, purple and pink lighting, and a circular bar that’s way too high for no reason.

The excessively high bar. I guess this is cool?

The excessively high bar. I guess this is cool?

The good news is — oh wait — no, there is no good news. The beer selection is pretty mediocre: mass-produced lagers like Asahi, Quilmes, Peroni and Cusqueña as well as Worthington White Shield in bottles. The menu promises Leeds Best on cask, but it wasn’t on when we went. (They also include Blue Moon in their list of “ales.” *Beer pedantry alarms go off.*) The bartender looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for a glass with my beer, and it was hard for us to find a seat amongst all the empty tables with “Reserved” cards on them.

The prices are what you’d expect at a “more discerning” alternative to Call Lane and Greek Street: £3.50-£4.25. Not totally off the charts, but definitely more than we would like to pay considering the choices. They do have a membership programme, offering special offers to those who sign up. (Excuse me while I rush to do that!) Their first floor club night boasts being “Leeds’ number one VIP and celebrity haunt,” but be prepared for minimum spend requirements of up to £1000 for the most exclusive area.

Oracle is one of those places that a lot of people seem to like, but suffice it to say I hate this place.

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3 Brewery Place
Leeds LS10 1NE
0113 246 9912

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